suicide is not the solution

Life is soo precious.
your life is not only just yours

it is the unconditional efforts of your father your family to make you stand on your feet, problems are temporary suicide is permanent. every problem come with a solution and time has the property to heal all the wounds every thing can come back to you. your money, love, fame, just with little effort and dedication but not your life listen to your heart if its pumping then remember you are alive for a reason so don’t let the chapter of your life close so easily. without facing problems you can’t feel the taste of success.


Girls in this patriarchal society

kill her before she’s born she has no right to live because its better to die at once instead of dying daily. with this patriarchal society.
where she will grow
she will pass through all the criticism
she will be compared.
she will be worshipped only in temple
and will be harassed, will be raped.
she will asked to compromise in every aspect.
she will be forced to be dressed accordingly.
she will be burned for dowry in this deep rooted cultural .
but if there existence will be finished existence of this world will be demolish.

FATHER (the purest form of love)

man-person-cute-young.jpgfather is that beautiful love which cannot be expressed in some words. it is the soulfull smell of the god rising your future towards the infinity .he is the essence of all the worries loads which he suffers just to see a smile on your face he is the man himself who takes all the worries on his shoulders just to make your shoulders more strong only a father wants his child to be more successful than him he works more harder every next day just to dispense all the needs fathers love is unconditional which needs no fuel to run it is the most sacred felling which can only be feed by giving them all the comfort which he missed while working for your better future.his happiness will be your success my father always use to say (i just want people to recognize me with my sons name)